Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sometimes when I'm blue....

The last several months have been a real trying time for me. I am not quiet sure I could have made it through all the trials without a little help from my FRIENDS. I have a few, whom live near me that are always there to talk to, and i have so many online friends that although I have never physically met them, we have grown into the closes of  friends. I love them ALL!
Recently, I had posted a few pictures online of some items I made and some of those friends comments really lifted my spirits. Sometimes I wonder if they even know how special they are to me. Yesterday, one of them posted a message to me that made me laugh so hard that I had no choice but to create something especially for her.
Her comment to me was, "Well I sure wish you would just get OFF YOUR LAZY ASS and do something for a change.. seriously.. GET A JOB! LMAO! Sheesh! I was excited that I painted the trim in my sons room! YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND darned PRODUCTIVE TODAY!"
I can not begin to tell you how many private messages followed from my other friends. However, this message was not a rude message.. it is a reflection of the relationship that I have with this one online friend. A friend whom I cherish so dear. So.... in keeping with tradition, I messaged her back with, "And you... ms. (leaving her name out here)... i just may get off my lazy ass and RAK you something that Will leave my mark on ya.. you know i am like that. lol".
Her response not long after my post was, " YOU ALREADY DID... ok, I will be quiet... Yeah right... who am I KIDDING?? I think you are amazing

  Paper I used for the photo mat is from CTMH. I prefer a stacked mat look myself and used foam mounting tape to lift it up off the canvas to add a bit more to this piece.
Butterflies, either stamped, or used as embellishments; are present on just about everything I do. I feel that it reflects a little piece of my. Every time I see a butterfly, I feel like my daddy in heaven is coming down to pay me a little visit. They also symbolize transition for me.. and this year has been full of that. 

This was a happy process when I took several dye sprays I have made and covered the canvas. I also hit the hardware store and picked up some washers. Metal embellishments are spendy.. so i decided to try and make my own. I used alcohol ink on the washers to stain them the color I needed them to be.. Wa-La... worked perfectly. Just enough to add a bit more to my project. Used the same color spray ink on the flowers here and there.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

When in Doubt... Create!

I am all about thinking outside the box. A very good friend of mine has a birthday this coming week, and I have thought long and hard about what I could make for her. I decided to continue on my quest to mix things I have tried in the past and add in something completely crazy. I think that this project is just that.
I wanted to elaborate on the folded card technique, but also wanted to add some sparkle. So I headed to my stash and let my brain get to mixing things up a bit. I grabbed a piece of double sided paper, my lucky 8 punch, my score pal, some stickles and some trim and set in to see what I came up with.
Sometimes my best projects are the ones that just fall together.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Taking some Time to Play with things

Yesterday, my mother surprised me with a great gift. An eBosser machine. I have both a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug, but the thought that I can cut down on time by not having to crank a handle really made me excited to try it out.
I try really hard to use supplies in ways that will inspire my friends, and I love sharing my ideas. I am sure that many people have already tried doing this technique but for me this is a first time try and I can honestly say, I loved how it turned out.

Supplies:   The eBosser Machine
and whatever embossing folder you decide on.
                          White Cardstock (80lb.)
                           and most important: " Time to play "

I started on my computer and found some nice quotes to type out onto my Cardstock. I positioned the text to allot for my selected embossing folders and printed them out.

I cut them to size and ran them through the eBosser.
Up to that step, I had already created a beautiful card however I was not ready to be done with this idea. Off to my box of stickles I went.
Up to that step, I had already created a beautiful card however I was not ready to be done with this idea. Off to my box of stickles I went. I started to use the stickles to color in the embossed areas and before I knew it I was taking this project to an entirely different level than I expected.

The dimension of the embossing coupled with the use of stickles to add that much more dimension made for an amazing end result.

I think I have found a new way to marry supplies into something my friends will enjoy.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have inspired you to create something magical.