Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy mistakes

Ended up with just enough paper for a creative little paper stand for a note holder I made. .. added a hole for a pencil and wa la. .. note pad measurements are 4 1/2 × 12. Score at 1/4 and 4 1/4. Rotate right and score at 5/8, 6, 6 1/4 and 9 1/2. Fold...tape..insert a 3x5 note pad. Decorate.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Got Scraps?

Got Scraps? Sometimes I find that even the smallest strip of paper I can not part with. I may use it on a card or other small project down the road someday... which sometimes becomes a huge mess of stacks and stacks of paper scraps... but today I decided to get on that stack of scraps and make something happen with it.             
It really doesn't matter if they are not all the same size, as long as they are somewhat close you should be fine.

I prefer to use the Tombo permanent Adhesive when I create my projects or my ATG gun works well to.

I start by laying out my scraps. Depending on what you are trying to cover will determine how many scraps you will need.

For this post, I will cover a note card.
I start by making one strip of adhesive across one side of the card.
Start at the edge and attach your strips all in a row.
(For this purpose I am using brighter papers so you can see how to lay it out a bit better)

Once I have covered the first side completely it is time to start in on the weaving part. I lift up the edges that are not clued down and start placing another strip of adhesive the length of the side to the right. I start in the corner and lay down my other strip and before pressing it completely down onto the adhesive, I weaver the strip through the other strips. Once I get to the end, I use a small amount of adhesive to hold it into place.
As i work from left to right, I alternate the layering, strip one is over and under, strip two is under and over... and so on.
Once I have covered the entire base piece, i go back around the entire thing piece by piece and make sure all ends are secured.
Depending on the paper you use these projects can be made into base pages for layouts, or card backgrounds... whatever project you decide to use this technique on will be magical. Thanks for stopping by today, and keep watching for new ways to use up your scraps.

Front cover of a journal...... this handy journal is made by CTMH and has a clear cover to slide in your own cover piece....
 or make a cute card from smaller scraps.. the possibilities are endless.. just like my box of scraps seems to be....

Monday, September 16, 2013

A " picture within a picture " layout

Sometimes, I take pictures that I don't exactly know how they will work into a layout.. but with this one I think that the shot itself led to this layout.

I picked my papers and some additional items and set in to work. I knew this page had to be a special one.
This is my honey... This picture was taken the day his father passed and as he looked out into ocean at Ventura Beach, a part of me felt that he was taking a moment to talk to his father (who was a 30 year retired US Navy man)... his moment to say goodbye. It was the most peaceful- quiet moment we had had that week.
I printed this picture in two sizes, one was 8x10 and the other was 5x7, I wanted to nestle them together to get a great effect, and that is exactly what happened by the time I finished this layout.
 It turned out perfectly.
I used foam tape on the small one to lift it up off the larger one after mating it... I just love how it turned out. I finished it up with a few little things here and there and... wa-la.... something magical. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Altered Silverware chest..

Found this at a second hand store
A Great find at the second hand store but it needed a lot of TLC
Paid a whole $9.99 for it

added some pretty paper from my stash....

Started in on the top piece
I added a few pretty papers....

then onto the sides
gave some attention to the front

and had to do something with the inside ofcourse

close up view of front drawers
close up of the inside top piece

overview of the piece opened

up close of inside details