Monday, September 16, 2013

A " picture within a picture " layout

Sometimes, I take pictures that I don't exactly know how they will work into a layout.. but with this one I think that the shot itself led to this layout.

I picked my papers and some additional items and set in to work. I knew this page had to be a special one.
This is my honey... This picture was taken the day his father passed and as he looked out into ocean at Ventura Beach, a part of me felt that he was taking a moment to talk to his father (who was a 30 year retired US Navy man)... his moment to say goodbye. It was the most peaceful- quiet moment we had had that week.
I printed this picture in two sizes, one was 8x10 and the other was 5x7, I wanted to nestle them together to get a great effect, and that is exactly what happened by the time I finished this layout.
 It turned out perfectly.
I used foam tape on the small one to lift it up off the larger one after mating it... I just love how it turned out. I finished it up with a few little things here and there and... wa-la.... something magical. 

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