Monday, March 31, 2014

Card in a minute kit

I've been working on this idea for a while.  I wanted to create something to give to my non card maker friends so that they could make a card by hand in no time at all. I started with my collection of shape dies and punches.
I added pre cut pre folded note cards for the base cards in white. From there I added all the pieces and goodies to create the cards.
I added some pattern paper pre cut to add more to the cards. Larger die cut shapes.....
Smaller shapes for sentiments and accent pieces.
And who could forget the flowers.  I planned this book with an up-cycling idea in place. Basically every part of the book can be pulled off and used to decorate cards.  The flowers pop off as does the pieces of lace that adorn the book. The possibilities are endless. 
The end result.  A card kit where all you need to add is your rubber Stamps and some adhesive.
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  1. love it. what a great idea! you amaze me with your talent and the way your brain works.(In a good way)