Sunday, March 10, 2013

SVG's and some time for ME!!!

First and foremost, thank you to the following for their incredible patterns that I used to make these pages...    Kristi W. Designs and Paper Piecing by Nikki

 Today, after "losing an hour" I decided that after I got all my chores done I was gonna take some time to relax and play with paper for a while. I got 4 loads of laundry done, took out the trash, fed the dogs, did the dishes, dusted and vacuumed, cleaned all the bathrooms and did the floors, brought in wood, chopped kindling and cleaned up the yard... finally I was done and got to play. And here is what I was able to create:) I need more days like this.

I have to admit I really enjoy me time, but most times I feel like I have to earn it before I will make it for myself.

I work 50+ hours a week, I have two boys at home still and two dogs(one is mine, the other is my oldest son's puppy- he has been left with me until my oldest son finds a place that allows dogs... so if anyone wants a puppy...LOL)

Anyhow, the chores on my two days off never seem to end. Most of the time Sunday is my only day to get it all done because I usually have to go to Redding (50+/-miles away)  to away to pick up supplies for my store on Mondays.

I look forward to having a break for some me time like no one knows. I always try and push the limits on the things I create and try to challenge myself with building pages that go above and beyond.

Sometimes I build pages with no picture in mind at all. Other times.. I have an idea that just won't let me rest until I have tried it. Either way- I enjoy my Paper Time.. It keeps me sane.

A good majority of my tools are down at my shop so sometimes things aren't really completed until I can get back to work where all the fun stuff is. I have a few ideas of little additions to these pages planned, but who knows, I may just decided to leave well enough alone. LOL

who am I kidding... I never leave anything alone.

well, here are a few of my creations for my day, I hope you enjoy looking at them and gain some inspiration to create something special with your time.

Special notes: I didn't like the color brown I picked out for these bears so I ended up chalking them to look kind of fluffy. My fun flock is at my shop.. that was another thought I had. I also used chalk on the clouds and the wings to add some dimension.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and I hope to be back soon with something new to share. Until then, create something magical.

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