Saturday, March 30, 2013

Joanna's Inspirational Gift

A few weeks back I got a surprise visit from a great friend. She brought me this amazing satin keepsake box. I am not sure where she found it, but it was very pretty and instantly I began to think of ways to make it something special. 

It had a spot already for a 4x6 photo, so I knew that a keepsake box was exactly what it would stay~ so I began planning ways to make it my own. The white satin was so bright, that I decided that I would tone the brightness down by misting it with Walnut ink in a spray bottle.
As I began to spritz it with the Walnut ink, I noticed that the darker tone was a much better fit for me- almost antique and somewhat elegant. The piece started to come together very well as the dark dyes began to soak into the fabric. It started to look more like and old basket... I wanted a subtle tone, not something over powering.

It wasn't a drastic change but it was just enough to accomplish toning down the stark white. I sprayed all sides so that it was completely covered in its new tone. I set it aside to dry and went to collecting things to adorn it with.

As I started to sort through some items I had, I was most certain that an antique theme was perfect for this piece. A little lace, a few flowers... a little metal and WA-la... My idea came to flourish. Just add a picture and it is complete.

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