Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art is what you make it.....

I have never considered myself an artist and I certainly can't paint to save my life- so this may be amazing to some one, but to me it was an opportunity to make it a "me treasure".
I purchased this piece as well as three other similar size pieces off of a local selling sight in my area for.. wait for it... $10.00 for all.

This isn't exactly my taste and didn't match anything I had working in my house but i didn't buy it to hang- I bought it to alter into something I would hang.
The first thing I did was added a bit of usable color to it.
I chose to raid my stash for some items I have had for about 8 years.. a product called texture magic.. With only a 4 oz. tube I had to work pretty carefully... nothing ruins a  project like running out of a key element.

I gloved up and started to squeeze this paste out and rub it over the entire canvas. The greatest thing about this stuff is the texture it adds to an otherwise flat surface..

 Once I finished spreading this paste over the canvas, I had to set the project aside for a day to let the paste cure.

If you look really close you will see that in a few places the coverage is thin but that will not be a problem since I plan on covering up a good majority of this canvas with other things anyway.

The next step was to find a picture to use with this piece. I chose a family picture that I had taken recently of my "Husband to be" and his family as well as myself and my two younger boys. It is the first picture of our "shared" family (minus my oldest son) that we have taken together... so definitely a very special picture for us.

Before I knew it (an you can see cause the next picture skips way ahead) my project was well under way. I used a pattern paper in blues, which I edges with a "lucky 8" punch then cut it in half to accent the picture. I also intend to mate the photo in "Glittery Silver paper" to tie it all together with the tree I made on the right side... as well as added some handmade paper flowers I received from a  friend to add a bit more decoration to it.
I have a few more small accents to add to this piece (My idea is to put butterflies on the tree I created with "stickles" but need to make sure the "stickles" are completely dry before I finish that part) before it is completed, but here is where it sits right now.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by. Until the next post.... create something magical. :)