Friday, January 18, 2013

Inspiration from a Friend

I have many online friends, and for the most part we chat once in a while... and sometimes we chat for hours every day. It is amazing. I sometimes feel closer to my online friends, whom I have never had coffee with, have never shopped with, never met period, yet some of them I consider my closest friends... So this page I dedicate to  Pam L. Our friendship began on Facebook and now we talk everyday. I feel as if we have known each other for years. She has inspired me so much over the last month or so. She has introduced me to some amazing things and people... she has listened to me vent and helped me through some personal issues... and I am very thankful and I am truly blessed to call her "Friend".

So Pam... this one is for you:)

(Scrapin Bug Designs- Little Men at work)

* I couldn't find my chalks so I had to use water color crayons and a water pen to do my shading.. I think chalk will look better so I will add it to my bag for the next ones*

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Thank you so much Sandy! You listen to me also and always show me that you treat people how you want to be treated. I try to live my life that way now. (Not so much as a kid of course)I find that when people know how they don't want to be treated they become better friends... It is still funny to me that I spent 4th of July week in your tiny town when we were in our 20s... Hugs my friend! Enjoy your new found form of expression... <3 Pam

  2. That is awesome, I know the feeling. I can sooo relate!

  3. what a cute layout!!!