Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project I have been struggling with for over a year

I saw a project last year and it was totally amazing. I requested the recipe from the creator but she never got back to me. I set in to figure it out on my own and worked towards it for over a year.
The project was a folded piece of double sided cardstock, and no matter what I did, I just couldn't get the folding part right. I came up with many unplanned creations from all this work, but it wasn't until recently that I finally got the measurements right and the folds where they needed to be. I am sharing this with you because many of us have been here. I am not exactly sure what this project will be used for, but for right now I am happy to have finally figured it out on my own.
*For this instruction part, I am using solid colored cardstock*

Supplies:   1 Pc. 12 x 12 double sided cardstock
                 1 Pc. Matching sold cardstock cut at 5 1/2 inches square
                 1 Pc. while cardstock cut at 5 inches square
                 score-pal, or other scoring method
                 brown ink, Pencil, ruler
                 deco edge punch

First, you will want to mark your 12 x 12 paper at 6 inches on all sided.  Can score at this point just enough to mark center point. Then score all sides at 3 inches the entire length of the page. Position paper in your scoring apparatus and score the center marks to each other.
Starting at the score lines at 3 inches, fold. then unfold and fold at the 6 inch lines.
Once all folds are made it will look like this.
Once everything is creased, you'll want to use your boarder punch to punch the deco edge around the entire page. Don't punch boarder prior to making these folds as it will not line up afterwards. ( I know.. 6 sheets later) 
Once your have punched your deco edge, Your last fold will be to fold each corner down towards the outside of your project. Now you can reach for your brown ( or whatever color you want to work with that matches your patterned cardstock) ink. Ink all edges of the paper, and then open and ink each folded line as well. When you fold it all back up it will expose the ink around each edge.
Adhere the white cardstock you cut at 5  inches square to the solid colored cardstock you cut at 5 1/5 inches square.. Stamp a sentiment or write a short note and adhere that to the center piece beneath the folded pockets.
You can then cut tags or insert small notes in to each pocket if you'd like.
I think that is about all the tips I have... the finished project should look somewhat like the image below. Hope you enjoyed this project.
I plan on using this (since it is the 1st) as a valentines day card to send to my honey. I plan on writing something on the inside and creating small tags to slip in here and there. For now until I can finish it, I just tied with with a bow, added a hand dyed paper flower and will finish it when I can.


  1. Love it, I am going to have to try to make one too!

  2. Beautiful. Im glad you figured it out. Ive never seen this and I love it! thanks for sharing Sandy